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2nd question:

“On line, what other products are available for an auto-dealer to get leads fast?”

(I have some scrappy notes here on this subject…)

The basic options for a dealer are:

1. Buy leads from 3rd party – around $30 / lead
2. Generate his own on-line lead sources

Buying leads is fast – typical claims from service providers is to have active leads to you within a week. If you plan to sell 100 cars per month, and convert 10% leads to sales on average, you need 1000 leads per month overall. If your marketing mix (newpaper, radio, TV, billboards, CRM, direct mail, and online sources) requires 20% of these via online leads, that means you need to buy 200 leads per month @ $30 = $6000 per month

I’ve run a short ThemeZoom Krakken study on 3 closely related theme keyword, each with “Tulsa” as the locality qualifier:

  • auto leads
  • auto sales leads
  • internet auto leads

The chart below shows that the “Organic Market Value” of the market defined by just these 3 keywords is about $7.5M, and lists the providers of auto leads by market share. Looks like AutoLeads.org and AutoLeadProviders.com are the “leaders” here.

clustershare-chart - auto leads, auto sales leads, internet auto leads

clustershare-chart - auto leads, auto sales leads, internet auto leads

Generating your own leads has some major benefits:

  • “pure” leads – you’re leads won’t be sold to other dealers
  • builds your mailing list
  • you build a valuable asset – a list of proven converting keywords
  • etc…

… but it takes time, like farming – there can be a longish period between “sowing” and “harvest”, and you have to keep the “weeds” down!

To get going, the dealer needs to:

  1. research the online market
  2. create an online marketing plan
  3. develop a lead generation website, with offer, list manager, and auto-responder sequence
  4. create & publish content
  5. promote the site

The fastest way to start would be buying part-qualified search-engine visitors through programs such as Google Adwords – assuming there is paid traffic available for the theme keywords in your target market.

So we need answers to 2 questions:

  • is there sufficient paid search traffic available for your target market?
  • how much will it cost to run a test campaign?

And if you’re a newcomer to sourcing auto-leads from the internet, we also need to answer your question “what is Google Adwords?”

And to answer this, consider viability, and the services required to make it effective, will need at least one more article.

To be continued…