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In this message, I’m going to discuss a question recently raised by a friend of mine, and use the opportunity to illustrate:

  • How to use the MaxMyWebsite Expert Advisor to highlight the issue of poor theme keyword alignment
  • Why it is essential to apply qualitative judgement along with the MaxMyWebsite tool
  • how a Market and Keyword Research Service can help diagnose issues and suggest solution strategies – which could then be implemented via a defined action plan.

Note: this message discusses market selection and sizing, and some aspects of website effectiveness. However, for the purpose of this article, I’m focusing on the data from the home page, and there are several other critical issues not covered here, such as content quality and keyword-themed linking.

Your 1st question was something like:

We’ve been following Jack Humphrey’s 60-day Marketing Plan rigorously, but seeing nowhere close to Jack’s figure of “500 views a day after 60 days”…

So what can we realistically expect?

2 points to consider:

But before we get to those… Note that Jack’s visitor projections are based on selecting a niche topic keyword getting at least 70,000 organic searches per month. Then his claim suggests that you should be able to secure about 20% of this by following his methods for at least 60 days.

Point #1… the target niche for BradYourCarGuy is actually far smaller than assumed in Jack’s figures – in spite of what typical keyword research would lead you to believe!

But even more important than search volume is…

Point #2… location, location, location – BradYourCarGuy is currently in the “wrong place”

In the online world, “location” is defined by a set of keywords.


To make sense of these 2 points, lets take a closer look at BradYourCarGuy.com: (through the eyes of MaxMyWebsite Expert Advisor, of course)

What is the target market, according to BradYourCarGuy?

To find out we’ll check to see to what keywords are included in the

  • domain
  • title
  • description
  • meta-keywords
  • H1 tags

Domain name: Brad, car
Title: Brad, car
Description:  car buying
Meta-keywords: Ford cars, Lincoln cars, Mercury cars, Ford Trucks, Ford SUVs, Ford Crossovers, Toyota cars, sports utility vehicles, crossover utility vehicles
H1 Tag: Brad Doenges

Images are widely used, but the opportunity is missed to use alt image tags to support and reinforce the theme of the website (The Theme used does not support alt image tags on thumbnail images)

There are only 2 over-laps: “car” (a general, unqualified keyword), and “Brad” (a very specific keyword, but in the absence of a dominant brand, probably irrelevant to organic searchers).

So Theme keyword alignment is poor across these primary factors.

Point 2…
Search Volume too low?

Below is a summary report from ThemeZoom Krakken for these keywords.
The “Searches” column shows daily search volume, so there’s apparently no problem meeting Jack’s 70,000 per month criteria.

Meta Keyword paid & organic search volume comparison

Meta Keyword paid & organic search volume comparison

But we need to look a bit deeper…

Cars are not $47 down-loadable electronic products I can buy on-line from anywhere.  No, I want to know price, model details and availability in my local area, arrange a convenient test drive, and look the sales person in the eye when about to do the deal.

So while checking out my options online, I’m going to want to find dealers in my locality. And this will be reflected in the search terms I use.

Then I’m probably going to type a search term including location, as well as the make and model I’m considering.

So although the above keyword set appears to comfortably meet the 70,000 searches criteria, the reality is that most on-line auto-related searches by searchers ready to buy, are localized.

Let’s look at the same keyword list, but with a medium-sized city qualifier added: Tulsa…

Immediately you’ll notice the daily search volume becomes undetectable – for the keyword set targeted according to the website on-page factors.

Localized Keywords - paid & organic search volume comparison

Localized Keywords - paid & organic search volume comparison

So as you can see, (assuming Tulsa is a target locality for BradYourCarGuy, the website is shooting for the wrong target – or located in the wrong place online.

OK then… Where could BradYourCarGuy “re-locate” to and gain marketshare?

Here’s an alternative keyword set to consider, based on the brands sold by the dealership…. Again, taking Tulsa as the locality qualifier, here is a ThemeZoom Krakken theme cluster** summary table:

A new "Location" online: Tulsa Car Brands as keywords

A new "Location" online: Tulsa Car Brands as keywords

** One of ThemeZoom Krakken‘s unique strengths is to analysis groups of theme keywords as a “cluster“, and present competitive comparisons across a market niche defined by these them keywords.

Unlike the previous keyword set, this cluster shows some daily search volume, albeit still low – but this keyword set (theme keyword cluster) gets about 20,000 searches per month.

How effectively is BYCG Targeting it’s claimed market?

So after about 2 months, just how effectively is the BYCG website doing its job at targeting these?

To answer this, I use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to analyse the site content, and show the main topics Google concludes the BradYourCarGuy site to be about:

use car (27), new car (24), ford mustang (9), ford car (8), ford truck (6), ford fusion (5), car (48), ford (38), use (5), dealer (7), auto (8), lincoln (5)

(The numbers in brackets are Google’s count of the occurrences of these keywords across the BYCG website.)

As you can see, there are matches for only one multi-word term, and its plural version: ford car / Ford cars

This tells me either that:

  • the site content does not effectively focus on the keywords listed in the meta-data, or
  • Google is confused, or
  • both!


  • BradYourCarGuy is trying to swim in a sea that does not really exist, at least not for any individual car buyer.
  • Content is not closely aligned to either the stated target keywords, nor the assumed locality qualifier.

Given these findings, its surprising BradYourCarGuy gets as many visitors as it does! (Probably due to the well-written content.)

Then coming back to the question:  “So what can we realistically expect?”

This question can only be answered in advance with confidence by an adequate market niche opportunity research project.


  • based on the brief study above
  • adopting the suggested target keywords set
  • taking just half of Jack’s market share projection ie 10%, and
  • following his methods

…I’d project that BradYourCarGuy.com could realistically expect to attract about 2,000 visitors per month via organic search, ie 60-70 visitors per day.

Any comments?

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