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On Eileen’s advice (to avoid hyphen confusion), we changed the scrapbooking site domain name to scrapbookinggems.com

The process was pretty straightforward, although there was a lot of “tidying up” to do.

Biggest task was to update image urls embedded in posts.

Basic Process: 

  1. Backup existing site to local PC
  2. Select & register new domain name
  3. Set DNS at registrar to same as old site
  4. Request domain name change at ASC support

“Tidy Up” Tasks:

  1. Update WordPress Options – General tab
  2. Set up email
  3. Configure Postie
  4. Configure ContentPress
  5. Configure BlogDesk
  6. Configure OutlookExpress
  7. Image addressing within posts and pages – still reference scrapbookingg.com
    • (temp fix – re-host scrapbookingg.com and upload the content. Scrapbookinggems.com can then access all the images via scrapbookingg.com)
  8. Claim blog at Technorati
  9. Update/replace header image
  10. Add url to CJ.com, MyBlogLog, etc