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Tagging Your Blog Posts – what’s it all about?

One of the best things about Word Press Master (WPM) that we use here at the RPM Institute is that a lot of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is done automatically when WPM is used properly.

For example:

Post or Article titles become html <H1> tags and meta <title>
our optional insert (description) becomes the meta description
by turning on an option in Ultimate Tag Warrior, the UTW tags also become meta keywords
Note: Although meta-keywords are not used by so many of the search engines these days, some still do use them so we should turn this option on. (This is a beautiful thing to a person who used to worry about doing all of that by hand.)

MRC – Implementation Plan

Here’s a sequence of steps to take the site from “skeleton” to sufficiently clothed to come out of the closet into public view.

The basic idea is to provide an outline plan to get from “A” to “B”, which you can detail for yourself each Friday for the following week.

“Sufficiently clothed” is when you have have enough content to clearly establish the theme of each category included on your site.

The rule of thumb we’ll work with is that 3-5 items (articles, or substantial posts) will be needed to achieve this for any given theme or category.

Once there is sufficient initial content, we can start promotion – get the site listed in the blog directories and the SE’s will pick it up from there. We’ll cover how to do that when we get there…